The Benefits of Ceramic Brakes - A tip from Budget Brakes

Ceramic brake pads have been around for around 20 years and today, they’re proving to be a popular choice for both car manufacturers as over 30% of modern vehicles use some sort of ceramic or hybrid brake pad material. They’re also proving a popular high-performance aftermarket item as many people believe that ceramic brake pads offer the ultimate in braking performance. Is it really true?

Looking at the facts, ceramic brakes have quite a number of advantages, and from a budget brakes perspective, they offer the average driver stronger and quieter braking at the expense of a bit of durability and hard wearing. The other main benefits are that they don’t corrode and they are also extremely lightweight. If you’re thinking these brakes are more at home at the race track, then you’d be right. 

It’s true that the main advantages of ceramic brakes for the average person using budget brakes components aren’t really all that clear because ceramic technology was invented as a way to build high performance brakes that could cope with just about any temperature. 

If you’re thinking about ceramic brakes, then the truth is, you really should be thinking about what’s known as ceramic compound brakes which instead of being highly expensive ceramic, utilize a mixture of ceramics, metals and other compounds to make a material that’s ceramic-like in nature - but affordable, long lasting and a great alternative to metallic brake pads.

Ceramic compound brakes are one of the best options for economically minded drivers. If you’re seeking quiet, noise free, all weather braking that you can rely on, there’s no better choice.