On a Budget? Brakes Need Repair?

DIY Budget Brakes: Replacing the New Pads

Before you replace the break pad, check your brake disks.  Slide the new pad in place and replace any of the metal clips you removed earlier.

On the inside of the caliper you’ll see a round piston coming out. Push the piston back to the starting point.
Place the end of the c-clamp with the screw on it against the piston; and the other end of the clamp around the back of the caliper assembly. Slowly tighten the clamp until the piston moves far enough in that you can easily fit the caliper assembly over the new pads.

Replace the bolts you removed and tighten them snugly.

Pat yourself on the back. Your DIY budget brakes are almost done!

DIY Budget Brakes: Testing and Replacing the Tire

Press the brake pedal a few times to make sure you have solid brake pressure. The first pump or two will be soft until the piston adjusts itself to the new break pad.
Put your wheel back on, being sure to tighten all of the lug bolts.
Presto! Your own DIY budget brakes! You’ve saved yourself several hundred dollars.
Nothing is more upsetting than an unexpected expense on your budget.  Brakes can cost a small fortune to replace professionally.  In order to save some money and stay on budget, brakes should be maintained regularly.  Refer to the DIY Budget Brakes often to keep your car running safely.