On a Budget? Brakes Need Repair?

If you are like most American households, you are on a tight budget.  Brakes can be an unexpected hit on your budget.   Brakes on most standard vehicles can be replaced or repaired quite easily with a few tools and the right parts.  Follow these steps to get started on your DIY Budget Brakes.

DIY Budget Brakes Step 1:
  1. Preparation
  2. What You'll Need
  3. Removing the Old Brake Pads
DIY Budget Brakes Step 2:
  1. Replacing the New Pad
  2. Testing and Replacing the Tire
Replacing worn out break pads is easy and a great cost-saving DIY project for your budget.  Brakes are of course an essential part of your vehicle’s safety so ensure that you purchase the appropriate pads for your vehicle.  Before starting on the DIY Budget Brakes project, consult your Owner’s Manual for model numbers and any special features of your vehicle.