Regular Brake Inspections - a Tip from Budget Brakes

Budget brakes might be one of the most affordable brake specialists in the USA, but for many, it’s the free brake inspections that we currently offer which really do make the world of difference. Undoubtedly, it’s a service that saves lives, but despite this, even today, you’d be surprised just how many people fail to get their brakes inspected at least yearly.

From our perspective, that of a professional – brake inspections are worth it, even if you have to pay for them. It’s a service that checks your brakes for signs of wear and damage, takes a look at the discs, rotors and finally looks at your brake pads, cables and brake fluid to check that your brakes are working and most importantly, working safely. 

It’s not uncommon for the mechanics at budget brakes to find brake pads that are worn down to the rivets, or rotors so badly damaged that they need complete replacement. When new rotors are needed, it’s usually because the brake pads have worn well below tolerance or have slowly overheated and deformed through time.

Even if you have to pay for regular brake inspections, they save you a small fortune on maintenance as it takes the guess work out of brake repair. There’s nothing better than having a professional there to guide and advise you, and the benefits of knowing when you’ll need a new set of pads really can do wonders, and save you a small fortune. You also won’t be the poor guy that’s going to have to pay hundreds of dollars for a complete overhaul.

Regardless of whether you choose budget brakes or another provider, it’s true when we say that brake and tire care should always be your number one priority. While you might be looking for the best budget brakes service, just remember, that really should never be any budgeting on your safety.