On a Budget? Brakes Need Repair?

DIY Budget Brakes: What You'll Need

•    lug wrench
•    c-clamp
•    open end or adjustable wrench
•    Allen wrench
•    hammer
•    small bungee cord

For this DIY budget brakes project, consult your Owner’s Manual for the right brake pad.  Buying brake pads won’t break your budget but brakes are an essential component of your vehicle’s safety so ensure you get the right parts.

DIY Budget Brakes: Preparation

Make sure the car is jacked up and sitting securely on a jack-stand. Safety is important.  DIY budget brakes shouldn’t cost you your life.  Remove the tire.

DIY Budget Brakes: Removing the Old Pads

On most cars, you will need to remove the brake caliper so the pads will slide out through the top. You'll see the brake caliper in the 12 o'clock position just above the lug bolts.

Remove the two bolts on either side of the back of the calipers.

Hold the caliper from the top and pull upward.  Wiggle it around to loosen it up.  Pull it up and slightly away. Do not put stress on the break line.

Take the bungee cord and hang the caliper from something.

Remove any metal clips holding the pads in place. The brake pads should slide right out.

Haven’t broke the budget, and brakes are almost fixed! You’re halfway there to completing your DIY budget brakes!