What happens if your brakes fail? Budget Brakes recommends...

It’s something that almost never happens, but it happens to someone. Whether you’re on your way to a budget brakes store to get your brakes fixed or perhaps driving home on the highway, brake failure can to anyone.  Take a look below for our budget brakes panic-free guide to stopping a car with no brakes.

  • Don’t panic, and don’t turn the ignition off until the car is stationary. Don’t pull the parking brake yet, and don’t jump out of the vehicle unless you really do have absolutely no other choice. Now is the time to take your foot off the gas. 
  • Start by applying pressure to your brakes until they pedal hits the floor. If the pedal seems jammed, try and check with your feet to clear any possible obstruction such as the floor mat.
  • If the pedal isn’t jammed and isn’t working, then start pumping the pedal like a foot operated bicycle pump. Your goal is to pump enough pressure so that you can press the brakes and slow down.  
  • Use the engine’s braking to slow the car. If you are in a high gear change down a gear, but do so gradually and don’t go from a high gear into a low gear. Change down one gear at a time so that you don’t destroy the engine and or lose control.
  • Finally, if nothing else works, use the parking brake. Apply it slowly and gradually, applying more pressure as the vehicle slows to a halt. Once the car is stopped switch off the ignition and call for help.
With free brake checks, Budget brakes can ensure that total brake failure is practically impossible. If you keep your brakes well maintained and looked after, you’ll at least know that if anything fails, it’s not going to be your brakes.